Insights for School Improvement

Educational leaders are using the data and insights from the OECD Test for Schools as a powerful tool to drive school improvement and ensure their students are prepared to succeed.

Improvement at Every Level

By assessing no more than 85 students in your high school (15-year-olds), you receive actionable data that you can use to improve individual schools and programs as well as drive system-wide improvements.



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Assessment for School Improvement

  • Age assessed

    Representative sample of 15-year-olds


  • Domains




    Student engagement

    Learning environment

    Higher-order thinking skills

  • Frequency

    Once per school year

  • Test Time

    Approximately 3 hours

  • Scale Alignment

    PISA Scale

Understand Student Engagement and Your Learning Environment

PISA research and data have shown that a strong learning environment and confident, engaged, and motivated students are factors that consistently contribute to better learning outcomes. Because student voice is critical to school improvement and system changes, the OECD Test for Schools provides extensive information about their school’s learning climate.

Actionable Data on Student Learning

Administrators receive a comprehensive report with detailed information about how their school performs in reading, mathematics, and science. Educators can use the information in the report to inform instructional practice improvements and program changes – at both the school and system level. The broad array of school data, coupled with the best practice examples and case studies from around the world, can help transform teaching and learning and improve student outcomes.

Understand How Your School Compares Internationally

International benchmarking and cross-country comparisons can help school leaders better understand whether their students are equipped with the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to compete in today’s globalized economy. Best practices from top-performing education systems in the US and around the world provide models of excellence on which to base strategies for change.

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Professional Learning

As the US test service provider for the OECD Test for Schools, NWEA offers professional learning opportunities to help schools and districts get the most from their data.

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