Support Student Progress Between MAP Growth Assessments

MAP Skills is a skills mastery and progress monitoring assessment that helps teachers drill down to the specific skills each student needs to learn. Use it between MAP Growth administrations to see exactly what struggling students are missing and advanced students are ready to take on—then adjust instruction in the moment and monitor student progress.

Discover how adding MAP Skills to your assessment toolbox can make a difference for your students.

Specific Skills Assessment

MAP Skills builds on MAP Growth results by drilling down to pinpoint specific gaps. Because MAP Skills arranges the skills in logical learning progressions, teachers can clearly see what a student needs to learn next.


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Skills Mastery & Progress Monitoring

  • Grade levels

  • Grade-level independence

    Accurately assesses student skills, whether on, above, or below grade level

  • Subjects


    Reading comprehension

    Language usage


  • Frequency

    As often as needed

  • Test time

    5-30 minutes 

    Varies by subject and skills assessed

  • Alignment

    Aligned to MAP Growth instructional areas for your standards

Inform Instruction with Dynamic Reporting Dashboards
MAP Skills helps you make instructional decisions that support learning for every student. Dashboards show a wealth of data on each student immediately after testing—giving teachers insights they can use to make instructional adjustments in the moment.

Teacher Dashboard

Teacher dashboards make it clear at a glance what skills students have mastered and need to work on next.

Student Dashboard

Student dashboards display assigned tasks and progress in an engaging way that encourages students to be active participants in their learning.


Administrator Dashboard

Administrator dashboards show how specific classrooms, programs, and schools are performing.


Professional Learning

MAP Skills and More

Our professional learning consultants—former educators and experts in data coaching—give you proven strategies to help you do more with data while creating sustained learning that improves practice.

Flexible delivery options—including self-paced online learning and workshops conducted on-site, regionally, or virtually—make it easy to fit learning into busy schedules.

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