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MAP delivers data when it matters most: when there’s still time to make a difference in student progress

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual. You’ll have essential information about what each student knows and is ready to learn within 24 hours.

It used to be that we talked about differentiation but we didn’t really provide a lot of time or resources or focus for that. MAP has given us a way to focus. Now teachers have a plan for how they use time for either intervening with students that need it, or providing enrichment to challenge those higher-level students.

Dr. Jody Woodrum, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District

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Looking for more detailed information about what makes MAP so powerful? Check out our RIT Reference Brochure or sample reports.

Discover the difference MAP can make for you

Assessment that actually makes a difference in the classroom—that’s what you’ll discover when using Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) interim assessments. This video tour will show you:

  • the key features of MAP assessments
  • how MAP helps schools transition to rigorous new state standards
  • what teachers have to say about how MAP helps their students
  • how MAP links to instructional content to inform individual learning paths

Case Studies

MAP success stories

Empowering Educators

How will you use MAP data?

Based on over 30 years of solid research, our computer adaptive interim assessments do more than create personalized test experiences for every student: they provide the most stable scale and data in the assessment industry. Educators around the globe trust MAP and our interactive MAP Learning Continuum to deliver instructional insights that help them accelerate student learning.


Assessment that’s accessible for all

We build accessible testing experiences that allow all students to demonstrate their knowledge, ability, and growth—and we provide appropriate accommodations to make that possible for every individual. With Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as the underpinning of our approach, we’ve included test aids and item aids that remove barriers to student engagement and allow for individualization based on student needs. And we continually improve on these features through partnerships with accessibility leaders like the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) and the Center for Applied Specialized Technology (CAST).

MAP for K - 2

MAP for Primary Grades presents students with engaging, age-appropriate content.

MAP for Primary Grades presents students with engaging, age-appropriate content.

MPG: The right fit for your youngest students

Created especially for kindergarten – grade 2 students, computer adaptive MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) interim assessments support your youngest students with colorful graphics and audio support. As with MAP for grade 3 and up, with MPG you'll receive valid, reliable data that helps you personalize instruction, inform your programmatic decisions, screen, and more.

Pair MAP and MPG for seamless measuring and monitoring of K – 12 student growth term-to-term and year-over-year, a feature no other interim assessment provides.

Skills Navigator

Skills Navigator: Classroom assessment to support day-to-day learning

You trust MAP data to help you inform instruction, identify concepts students are ready to learn, and group students for instruction. With Skills Navigator™, you get the quick, focused information you need to guide daily classroom decisions, as well as the instructional resources that help each student master the specific skills they need to be successful. Skills Navigator supports educators in the classroom, enabling them to help students with diverse needs, close achievement gaps, use data to inform instruction, and monitor progress for every child—it’s even appropriate for Tier II Response to Intervention (RTI) progress monitoring programs. And it works seamlessly with MAP to give you a complete assessment solution.

Better classroom assessment

WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partner

Our assessments go deep—our WebbAlign partnership supports itWebb-Align-DOK-Partner

You can trust that NWEA assessments accurately measure depth of knowledge across all subjects. We’re excited to partner with WebbAlign to continue our commitment to best practices and methodology in this area. Learn more about our WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partnership.

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